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Stained Wood Panels

At some point in the history of my 1940's house, there was a water problem in the basement. My guess, a water heater. Anyway, the panels in the basement in one area are stained at the bottom. I took the base molding off, and scrubbed after sanding off the finish. Then applied a paste of oxalic acid. Left if for a few hours, Then washed off the wood bleach. Tuns of yellow water. Still there's a quite dark stain. When the wood dries, if shifts to a light grey which would be ok, but not perfect. I tested a touch of shellac with a vintage amber tone to match the rest of the wall, and the stain comes out dark again. Before I give up with this and put a much taller base board on, is there something else I can use to cover the stains before finishing? Maybe some sort of paint or something?

Re: Stained Wood Panels

Yeah, that's a great article. I read that before my start. I've applied several coatings while allowing the panels to dry. My bleach of choice is oxalic acid, since I thought the stains might have been iron based since they are a greyish black, that turn quite dark black when finished.

I had a thought the other day that I may try. I was thinking of sanding the space down, lower than the rest by 1/8th to 1/4 of an inch and filling with pine colored wood putty to cover the stained area.

I thought this might be a work around to a tough stain. If all else fails, I'm just going to put on a taller base board. It will look kinda strange to have a 12 inch base board on a curved wall, but it will look better than black stains.

Re: Stained Wood Panels

Have you tried thinning the stain at the bottom to try to even it out?

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