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Stained Red Oak oak Flooring

A little backgroung first, I'm 23 Just bought my first home and am doing an extensive remodel myself. I'm still in the early stages of the remodel, and so far have stripped the 3/4in. knotted pine walls in all but one room and Pickeled them various colors. Removed the old water heater and installed a new out-door instant gas unit. My current project is refinishing the hardwood floors.

So far The floors have been in decent shape, but the living room(all the house had carpet over the hardwood) flooring is in pretty poor shape. The home was a rental property for the last 15 odd years and was built in 1964, I bought the house for next to nothing and purchased it with the intent to remodel. Apparently the previous renters had pets that were trained to use the bathroom in the livingroom:mad: .

My Question is what are my options to lighten the stains. I have no illusions as to removing them completely short of rerplacing the flooring(not an option currently). I just want them less noticable right now they are pretty bad and fairly large. I've heard tails of bleaching floors, but can not fing any info on it or anyone who has experience doing it. So does anyony know anything about bleaching or have any other tuips/tricks to help me lessen the eye sore.:confused:

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