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Stain or paint new front door?

We want to replace our front door with a knotty alder door so the interior will be stained to match the other interior doors and trim but we want the exterior painted a fun color to spruce up our entry way and boring cedar siding. Is that acceptable or would the door look terrible painted?

Re: Stain or paint new front door?

We often paint doors different colors on differnt sides. How it looks from the inside bears no effect on how it looks from the outside. The few moments the door is open isn't a huge factor IMHO

Re: Stain or paint new front door?

having two different colors on the door doesnt matter as long as the colors work with the siding color and the color inside

Re: Stain or paint new front door?

When painting or staining doors different colors on each side, the normal procedure is to paint/stain the hinged edge with the exterior, the lock set edge with the interior.

Do the staining and sealing of the interior side and edge first. Should you paint the exterior first and get some of the pigment on the raw interior wood surface, it will be difficult to remove from the grain. Once stained and sealed, such paint is easy to wipe off.

Re: Stain or paint new front door?

I'm not entirely certain what you're asking. If you want to know if having two colors (one inside and one outside) looks bad, then I agree with everyone else that it will look just fine. We do it all the time.

I would say though that a knotty alder door painted on the outside may not look so great. You might want to fill all the knots and sand it thoroughly before painting. Even then it might look a little iffy.

The other problem is that the knots will have a tendency to bleed so make sure you use kilz or another stain killing sealer first.

Re: Stain or paint new front door?

I think it highly depends on the color you are going for. It should be pretty neutral on the outside, not to clash with your exterior and should coordinate with the inside as well. Staining my opinion looks a bit fresher, but is hard to undo whereas painting you can just paint over with a new color should you change your mind.

Re: Stain or paint new front door?

I don't see anything wrong in painting the exterior door different from interior as long as it turn out great.

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