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Stain Finish Problems

Can someone please help me out. I am in the process of finishing my red oak cabinet doors with Minewax Polystain. When the finish is drying it forms tiny bubbles on the surface and ruins the finish. Has anyone come across this problem and how can I stop it from happening. Please help me out...

A. Spruce
Re: Stain Finish Problems

The problem is Minwax polyurethane, it's absolute garbage! The cure is McKloskies polyurethane. McKloskies can be worked to death and still not foam up. General (brand is a name ) finishes are also top notch, though I've not used them myself.

Once the Minwax has fully cured, go over it with a good scrubby sponge or sanding sponge to knock down the rough spots. Don't use steel wool, the steel will flake off and cause rust spots to appear in the finish later on. McKloskies can be applied right over the top. I generally use a sponge brush to apply, the trick is to apply enough material to get good coverage before drying starts, yet not so much to cause pooling or runs in the finish.

Re: Stain Finish Problems

Ditto what Sprucey said.

Also...I've had good results with Valspar products and Flecto products. There are actually many good products out there, but it's most likely that it's the ones readily available off the shelf at your local store that you're interested in for the occasional DIYer project.

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