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Squirrels who do not pay taxes

I have read the articles at http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/article/0,,1120729,00.html but have not found any reliable information regarding more exotic "solutions" for keeping squirrels away. For example, there are devices which emit a high pitch sound and others which incorporate a strobe light but I can't find any user feedback. Has anybody had good experience with any reasonably priced ways to discourage squirrels from taking up residence?

Thanks, Chris

A. Spruce
Re: Squirrels who do not pay taxes

Results with using sound and strobe lights is mixed at best. The thing to keep in mind with sound is that regardless of whether your ears hear it or not, you do "hear" it and it affects both mood and health - irritability and headaches are the most common symptoms.

I have worked on homes with sound devices that had no effect on the animals intended, however worked quite well on driving me from the area. It wasn't until I unplugged the device that I figured out what the problem was.

About the only thing that works is to remove the enticement attracting the animal, which generally access holes and food left out for pets and other desirable critters. Traps to catch the persistent ones - you decide whether the traps are humane or not and whether you need a pest control company for abatement or not.

Re: Squirrels who do not pay taxes

Well, I hate squirrels! Sorry to hate any of God's creatures, but squirrels are on the list.

I had them in my attic, they had babies, and one or more fell between the walls and couldn't be retrieved. it was summer and it sure stank. :eek:

So I called the Critter Control folks, who came out and put up little traps at the points of entry (gable vents or whatever they are called). Then when the furry-tailed rats were gone, the critter control guy put thick wire screen up. I had my house sided, and they put special screen up when they replaced the vents. It has to be wire screen, not regular screen.

For the yard, I can't poison them because my dog catches and eats them, after she shows them to me. woohoo.

Seriously, you have to find out where they come in and block it after you make sure they're out of the house. they seem to be able to get in through the smallest of places, and are voracious chewers - they can make a little hole big enough to get into.

Re: Squirrels who do not pay taxes

Send your squirrels to Maryland. They'll slap a tax on them for sure. Those furry little tree rats have had it too easy for too long.:D

Re: Squirrels who do not pay taxes

LOL!!! Tax the tree rats hahaha! :D

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