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A. Spruce
Re: Squirrels digging up my lawn!
dj1 wrote:

Some methods mentioned here require you to sit and wait for extended periods of time, in which case I recommend you stock on your favorite cold beer and beer nuts.

For the methods that involve this, one should "train" the squirrel population first, minimizing waiting period. To train the squirrels, just leave out a platter of nuts, seed, or whatever else they enjoy for several days before you set up your lawn chair and cooler in your squirrel blind. After that, they'll be easy pick'ns.

Re: Squirrels digging up my lawn!

Similar to Spruce's idea of getting them lulled into accepting a free lunch: In the early part of the last century, my grandfather owned a paint store in Racine, Wisconsin. Rats were a constant presence in the basement, feeding off the flour based wallpaper paste. My grandfather would set out a plate of flour for them to feed on. After about a week, when they were used to the free feed, Gramps would slowing start mixing in plaster of paris into the flour. The rats would die of severe constipation :)

Re: Squirrels digging up my lawn!

It's amazing what we learned from our greatparents...

A. Spruce
Re: Squirrels digging up my lawn!

Back on the ranch a similar method was used, only we used cement, same results, little skeletons with a rock in the middle.


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