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how do i get rid of squirrels? They are eating fruit trees, in to my bird feeders, digging every where. help

Re: squirrels

Squirrels, as cute as they may be, are a pain. Trouble is, they are witty and quick. They are also territorial, and if you get rid of your pesky one, another one will come into the vacant spot, in no time.

Forget poison. They laugh at that...

Forget trapping, most traps don't work.

What's left besides cutting down the trees?

Bring out the 22. Load it, aim and shoot. But better be quick and accurate.

I have fruit trees, but it's only the oranges they're after. I also learned to plant veggies they don't like in the open, like garlic. Those that they love are behind home made screens...

Good luck.

Re: squirrels

Thinning the population is the only thing that worked for me. An air rifle works just fine too. A little more legal and safe in populated areas. Always remember what's behind your target.

Re: squirrels

I had squirrels continually trying to nest in the engine compartment of my travel van over the period of a year. I tried repellants and every other supposed cure.

Three times I had to have the van towed into the Ford dealer because they would bite through ignition wires and vacumn hoses. After a $1000 worth of squirrel induced repairs, I finally bought an air rifle and went on the hunt. I felt like a heel, but I killed the whole family!

A squirrel head mounted on the wall is not nearly as impressive as a moose head! :)

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