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Squirrel damage to deck

We recently re-stained our deck this past October. For the first time since we've been in our house there are squirrels chewing on our deck. We've tried the sprays they sell in Lowes/Home Depot to keep them away. They work for a few days but then they are back.

Does this have anything to do with the fresh paint? How do I get the squirrels to stop chewing on the deck for good?

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Re: Squirrel damage to deck

If frequent application of taste deterrants like chew-stop or ropel aren't working and you're not feeding the squirrels not much that's legal unless you're going to thin the population locally and legally.

Female squirrels about to give birth stop eating, when they do, they chew/gnaw. Good news is that when she does give birth she should return to regular eating activites and stop gnawing on your deck -- unless you're deck is like soaked in fat/grease/nut oil, infested with bugs, or your otherwise providing a banquet.

You kind of switched gears there - stained the deck, then asked about fresh paint. If you soaked your deck with a plant or tree nut cold pressed oil you might be doomed.

Now if your deck isn't open and this squirrel is convinced that if they chew through they'll be rewarded with a warm safe haven, or a food source - nothing is going to convince that squirrel (or another following a scent trail ) from continuing on with that project (if drilling through to a reward of a nesting environment, food supply, water supply, or if an adolescent - idle curiousity) and if you recently closed it in and seperated a mother from her nestlings or her prior nesting location and she's about to lay down again, she may never stop until she's reached them/it..

Re: Squirrel damage to deck

Thanks for the info. It must be a pregnant squirrel gnawing. The stain we used was a tinted acrylic latex. The deck is not enclosed, they are chewing on the railings and exposing the wood.

Re: Squirrel damage to deck

You might want to contact your State Wildlife Department for advise on this issue if it continues. Most will allow the trapping and removal of depredating animals that are causing health issues or property damage by licensed pest removal services. This is usually the last ditch effort for most people to resolve an issue of this sort, but it could save thousands of dollars in the long run.

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