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squealing pipes

About a week ago, we started hearing a very loud, high-pitched squealing noise in our water pipes whenever someone turns on the water in the upstairs bathrooms. I haven't discovered where it's originating from yet but the squealing definitely can be heard clearly downstairs.
It's an excruciatingly annoying high-pitched squealing. Like someone letting air out a balloon very very slowly. I'm trying to diy the problem but am not sure where to begin. We capped off one of the sprinklers and am wondering if somehow dirt or something got lodged in there but would that cause this high pitched squeal?
If I ignore it, will it damage the pipes (nevermind my sanity)?

Re: squealing pipes

This can be a variety of things, If you have shut off valves on every fixture go to each one by one and turn them off then back on. it could be debris or loose or worn washers.

Re: squealing pipes

Now the squealing noise happens even if no one's turned on any faucets anywhere. We were all having dinner one day and that loud squealing noises happened. Is that even possible?! Squealing noises comng from pipes when no water is running through them?

Re: squealing pipes

Now you give a suspicion that the house is spooked...

Check your toilets for leaks. If the tank water levels drop, the fill valves open to re-fill the tanks, and maybe, just maybe that's the source of the noise.

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