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squeaky floors in 20 year old house

We are closing on a 20 year old ranch house - perfect condition except floors, they were installed incorrectly and have a noticable squeak. The floors are level, previous owners have already tried shims and jacks (the jacks were installed upside down, and two of them have fallen),
Our contractor says the only remedy short of re-installing is to use higher jacks. 12 would be required, $250 per jack and $200 each for installation. This will alleviate, but not eliminate the noise. The floors are hardwood, not engineered, so I don't want to pull them up & re-insall, any suggestions?

Re: squeaky floors in 20 year old house

if the squeaking is located to specific areas, you can try screwing up through the subfloor or angle screwing through a floor joist into the hardwood floors and pull them back down. have someone stand on them to push them down while youre doing the screwing. also, measure carefully so that you don't use screws that are too long. also, check to see if it's the subfloor squeaking and not the hardwood floors and you can resecure that down too.

Re: squeaky floors in 20 year old house

Thanks - we are going to meet with the contractor tomorrow, his estimate recommends installing 20 4 ft. drop sills and 12 screw jacks - tighten the new screw jacks, etc. etc. I don't mind using the pocket screws, and am going to ask him to consider this before we install new screw jacks. His estimate was less than $3,000 - considering the 2400 sq. ft. of flooring involved, we will do this if tightening the floor & subfloor to the joists does not work.

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