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Squeaky Floor

On the second floor of our home, we have old real wood floors with carpet over them. In the master bedroom the floor squeaks really bad. Is there any ways to tighten the floor down to the joists without removing the carpet.

Re: Squeaky Floor

This old house website has an excellent video on this subject : See Home*-how to*- wood floor*-fixing a squeaky floor thru carpet*

Cardiac Paul
Re: Squeaky Floor

Through the carpet squeek fixes are okay for 1 or a few areas and are reallly meant for plywood floor systems, but if it is the whole floor areas these most likey wont work.
You said it is a old house with wood floors I'm asumming you are talking about wood strip floors if this is the case you pretty much have to roll back the carpet & face nail the floors into the joist this being said, face nailing will leave alot of nail heads & the floor will be pretty much good for carpet only.
rolling out carpet & having it reinstalled is not that of a big deal, but you most likely should replace the padding while your at it as padding breaks down after awhile & is cost effective.
Hope this helps.

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