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Re: Sprinkler System Removal
Mastercarpentry wrote:

If there was a lease on the system it's probably been vacated by now since the property has been transferred and they haven't contacted you about their property on the site. You might dig through old building permits and find out who installed the system then ask them. Me? If I didn't want to keep it I'd cap it off at the entry, disconnect anything else no longer needed, and cut it out myself without saying anything to anyone except my insurance company if they knew it was there.

Some things of questionable legality are better addressed by claiming ignornace and begging forgiveness than by following legal procedure. Just research and know what you are doing before you do it and get severe amnesia afterward.

In my county, it is illegal to set appliances by the road for pickup since they won't pick them up. Legally, you must take them to one of the county centers for recycling yourself or pay to have that done. But if you leave it by the streetside, within days someone who collects and sells scrap metal will relieve you of of the problem. If the codes enforcement guy comes by before it's gone, you get two weeks to correct the situation before fines are levied- by then Mr. Scrap Man has eliminated the problem. Not legal but it works and everyone does it here anyway :D


In my city a piece of metal would be gone in less than 60 minutes.

Re: Sprinkler System Removal

same here in boston,if it is not bolted down its in somebodys truck,just had all of our conduit and plumbers victualic pipe stolen from jobsite last week. Scrap is $360 a ton now!

Re: Sprinkler System Removal

Don't keep the system active they need to be inspected annually and it will cost you a fortune to do so even if commercial then take off the stems stainless steel or if there is any copper as far as the cast iron not worth much a water heater over 180lbs yeilds $10 if your lucky if thats worth it to you to get maybe a couple hundred dollars if your lucky! for the amount of work its going to take then do it

Re: Sprinkler System Removal

On the subject of recycling:

A woman is charged in stealing a foodstamp card, used it to purchase 12 cases of coke, then inserted the full cans in the redemption machine for the deposit money.

The machine jammed after a few cans, causing the owner a few hundred dollars in repairs.

Now, that's recycling at its best.

Re: Sprinkler System Removal

Agree with all on keeping the fire system in place. See if it can be modified for home use. See if you can do the maintenance yourself rather than using the sprinkler company.

You'll still need a plumber every year to test the RPZ. They should be able to provide any maintenance also.

Check with you insurance carrier for a discount.

Check with the fire department to see if you must have it monitored. If not that's a big savings.

Re: Sprinkler System Removal

I agree, I was try to keep the system, who knows when you may want one, or sell the house.. It adds curb appeal


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