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Spring Loaded Access Panel - Where can I buy one?

I am looking to purchase a spring loaded access panel like shown on the show (Tom Silva covered a plumbing access area with one) anywhere online or major hardware stores. I have checked Lowes and Home Depot (and the associates knew what I was looking for and SAW THE SHOW) but admitted, they don't sell them....

Any help in locating one of these is appreciated!

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Spring Loaded Access Panel - Where can I buy one?

With 30 years of shows it would help if you could identify the show (TOH or ATOH) and an episode number (check your local listings), and since Tom is the carpenter and Rich is the plumber.....hmmm.

Anyway you can get something ready made or make it for yourself. Don't know your size, application, etc. One of thousands of examples include A Watts (well-known plumbing parts manufacturer) APU spring fit access panel. I have no direct experience with this webstore but for purposes of illustrations and options this page lists a few: http://www.plumbersurplus.com/Prod/Watts-APU9-Spring-Fit-Access-Panel-(0701400)/13041/Cat/1019

Watts makes a 15x15 in addition to the 9x9. here is their catalog page: http://www.watts.com/pro/_productsFull.asp?pid=3426&ref=1

Personally I'd go with stud spacing, finish detail and make something to fit the situation and blend in.

If the wall has to be contained for draft blocking/smoke/fire supression a plastic framed plastic panel wouldn't be appropriate. There are a multitude of different materials, styles for different applications.

you can make your own panel opening and cover.. hardware seperate - hinges or not, concealed hinges or not. mounted closers springs and/or magnets with metal plates on the panel. mechanical or magnetized "touch" catches or "touch" latches, both incorporate a spring. Home Depot, Lowes, your local hardware store all have the hardware. Panel sits flush till you push on it unlocking the spring or catch, edge pops forth you open it. viola!

or find something ready-made you still have to install it in the wall or ceiling framing, type "access door plumbing" (without the quotes) into your web search engine of choice and happy browsing.

Re: Spring Loaded Access Panel - Where can I buy one?

Found this on the main website under ATOH episodes. After a quick check of the website I didn't see the one they used on the show, but they make the one shown in the previous post.
SpringFit Access Panel
Manufacturer: Watts Regulator Co.
815 Chestnut St
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 688-1811
Watts Regulator Co.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Spring Loaded Access Panel - Where can I buy one?

Yep, Richard installed the Watts APU on episode 712 of ATOH, don't recall Tom working on an access panel install in a wall (IIRC ceiling scuttle access on a few occasions) on any of the shows but he may have demonstrated framing for one on a prior House project. The most recent house project the home owners blogged about Tom's brother Dicky devising a hidden panel for them (barn door looking maybe it was a metal one, or both), but that wasn't demonstrated on the show IIRC.


By the way it sure would be nice if the web site would UPDATE the show descriptions for the rest of the season - they're behind on ATOH and haven't updated for next weeks TOH episode YET.

Re: Spring Loaded Access Panel - Where can I buy one?

After watching that same show this weekend, I went to Home Depot last night and DID find them despite the guy at the info desk saying they didn't have them. Aisle 11 in my HD, plumbing, near the metal access panesl.

Only came in 2 sizes though, 9x9 and 15x15, which turned out to not fit either of the holes I have been staring at for 2+ years!

(I find that you need to ask 2-3 people about most things in HD, especially when one of them says they don't have a common item.)

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