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spreading composted grass on Vege garden?

We have a large lawn that is treated each season by a lawn service. I mow the lawn and dump the clippings in an area. I have years of clippings in a large mound. I am wondering if I can dig down and spread these composted clippings on my vegetable garden? Is it safe to assume that any chemicals that were added to the lawn and absorbed into the clippings have long washed away? Thank you!

A. Spruce
Re: spreading composted grass on Vege garden?

If you are trying to have an organic garden, no. If you don't care then you can use the clippings any way you'd like.

Herbicides and pesticides do not break down as manufacturers would like you to believe, thus, significant levels of those toxins will always be present in the material. Are they high enough to harm you in the short term, probably not, but they are there and the constant bombardment on your body does take its toll.

Re: spreading composted grass on Vege garden?

There is no way I would assume the treated grass clippings are safe even after composting and I would not put them on my vegetable garden. Flowers-yes, edible plants-no.

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