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Spray foam insulation

I got spray foam insulation in my attic. I was told that it would only smell for 1 day. It has been over a week and the smell can be horrible. I have tried to get the installer out to the house, but I got the run around. What do I do? Will the smell ever go away? I have been told that it would cost me over 10,000 dollars to get it removed. I am going crazy to say the least. I keep reading all of these horror stories about spray foam. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Spray foam insulation

open some windows on the top floor it will go away

Re: Spray foam insulation

When you get the spray foam insulation job done, usually smell stays four to five days. Let fresh air flow in the area of foam insulation. Also ask the contractor if he has quick solution.

Re: Spray foam insulation

What did you have sprayed? Was it the joists or the rafters? If it was the rafters and the gable end walls, then your vents have been blocked so the attic is now inside the conditioned envelope and that means the outgas has no where to go. Do you have windows in the gable end walls, if so, open them to allow the attic to be vented.

What kind (brand) of foam did you use? Some will outgas for years, but the most of the outgassing occurs with in the first few days.

Re: Spray foam insulation

dgonzo99, it's been two weeks since your post, has the smell gone away yet?

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