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Spot treat hardwood floor?

I wanted to know if it is okay to spot treat my hardfloors.

I just renovated part of house I just bought. Part of renovation included removing two back-to-back closets, which ended a hallway, in order to make a longer hallway into the kitchen.

There are some spots of untreated wood where parts of the closet walls were. It is 1 sq ft of the floor sparsely spread over a 3-4 sq ft area. The reason it is small area is that the hallway that we created had been a real hallway before the closets were created in last renovation.

Can I sand and treat the spots and NOT refinish the entire hall?

largest single area is 2"x4". There are 4 of these. Then there are two 1/2 " strips across the hallway wall to wall.

Any suggestions?


Re: Spot treat hardwood floor?

I am assuming that the floor was not stained, but merely varnished. The problem is to get an even sheen over the patches to match the general sheen on the floor. I would say it depends on how much variation you are willing to accept. Even using the exact same material, you will likely see some sheen difference. Best would be to give the bare areas a couple coats of varnish and then re-coat the entire hall.

You can try doing the patches first. The worst that can happen is that you end up puytting a finish coat on the enrire hall to even out the sheen.
If your hall is dark, without reflective light sources, you might find the touch up acceptable.

Also, the newly uncovered bare wood might have diffent coloration due to fading. Not much other than a general resanding will even this out. The same problem exists when one has area rugs on hardwood floors - you can't re-arrange the rugs without fading coloration showing.

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