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Splotchy paint sheen

Just completed painting a 2nd coat of water-base semi-gloss on a wall that has been painted several times before. A few dings were patched with joint compound and covered with Bullseye 1-2-3 waterbase primer. Entire wall was very lightly sanded. Results: very uneven sheen in parts especially near the bottom of the wall. Doesn't seem to be a correlation between the low-sheen spots and the repaired ding areas. However, one of the low-sheen areas is where a previously painted section ended and a follow-up section meet.

Paint is mid-range quality, brush is near Purdy quality -- brushed because the whole area being painted is small, approx. 55 SF. The paint dried really quickly -- Honolulu, 80-85 degrees; had to paint rather quickly to keep up with the paint drying. (I do have a tendency toward perfectionism, and will often go back to smooth out the meeting of a prior painted section when applying more paint below it to make sure I am getting an even coat.)

Before I try merely painting over the area again, any ideas what is happening? Maybe I just didn't get the paint on evenly? Maybe I am going over the previously painted sections too much? Would a roller make a difference? Advice?

Re: Splotchy paint sheen

Warrior -

Several things might be occuring. You were correct to spot prime your patches, but you should have then primed the whole wall in addition. It might be that the quality of past paint was not too good, not giving a well sealed base for the new paint. Also, follow the paint manufacturers recommendations as to re-coat times. Some paints with higher sheens advise waiting several hours for re-coat, otherwise uneven sheen may occur. Also, if you paint has stood sometime before use, thouroughly stir it up.
Also, when painting, always keep a "wet-edge". Cutting in all the edges first and then rolling the central area is generally a bad practice. It can affect both color and sheen because you have sealed the edges better than the body of the wall.

Re: Splotchy paint sheen

You may be dry rolling it too much.. Lay it on a little thicker and keep it wet.. that should fix it!

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