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split kitchen cabinet frame help please

The solid oak cabinet frame next to my stove has split. I would like to repair it. The split runs from the bottom hinge up to mid cabinet. My idea is to put one or more screws threw the frame and cabinet and then fill the crack. Will this work? or will it make the problem worse? Suggestions? I cannot afford to replace the cabinets right now. Thank you.

Re: split kitchen cabinet frame help please

Force wood glue into the crack, clamp together, drill pilot holes from the side and screw together. Remove clamps and wipe the excess glue off with a wet rag or sponge. What worries me is how there came to be a crack there in the first place. The glue will be stronger than the wood once dry, but that won't stop another crack from opening in the wood beside the old one. 3/4" oak face-frames are pretty darn strong so I can't imagine why one would crack. The repair would be the same regardless, but work better if you can eliminate the cause.


Re: split kitchen cabinet frame help please

Thank you for the advice, I will try it. I am not sure why it cracked. It is the end cabinet next to the stove and oven. I will try to see if it is out of level. The cabinet holds my spices so not too heavy. I will empty it to repair it so I will check the fastenings too in case they have loosened. Again thank you.

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