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split jamb for a 2x4 wall to a 2x6

i special orderd some split jamb pre hung doors,I should have checked all the frames on the house but didnt so i have 1 jamb that is a 2x6 wall with plaster and dry wall so my new jambs dont fit any ideas on how to make it work with out buying new ones? thanks for the help.

Re: split jamb for a 2x4 wall to a 2x6

You can use the same material that the jambs are made out of to make your own extension jambs. If you have a router table and or table saw you can cut a rabbet so it slides into the grove on the jamb that the door is attached to. Carefully pry off the trim from the extension jamb that is to small and and attach it to the new extension jamb you created.
I found myself in an opposite situation to you a few years ago when I put in some doors for a friend. He bought all the pre-hung doors and polyed them. He bought them for 2x4 framing but it turns out one of the walls in the house for some unknown reason was built using 2x3's. I had to rip down the extension jam and used the router to create a new rabbet in the jamb. Worked out perfect. Hope this helps you out.


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