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Speed square holder

Hey All,
I was wondering if anyone knew what kind or where to get the speed square holder that I've seen used on the show. I think I saw Norm using one. I've only been able to find a kind of a holster/pouch thing. It's OK, but kind of bulky. The one I saw looked like a metal channel tipped at an angle on the belt. Thanks,

A. Spruce
Re: Speed square holder

Mine shares the pocket that holds the 16d nails. When I'm doing a lot of nailing or need that pocket for other things, then I just tuck it in the back of the belt, between me and the belt. For me, it's faster and easier than having another pouch to clutter and weigh down the belt.

One thing that I do find useful is an extra hook to hang drills or nail guns on, which is much easier and safer than trying to hold the implement between your knees at the top of a ladder while struggling to get whatever apparatus in place. ;):D

Re: Speed square holder

We had a discussion about this... Link and basically no one on the face of this planet knows where they got it. I made my own out of a piece of plastic square tubing i took from a garden hose reel's crank mechanism, I then cut a line on one side of the tubing with my miter saw to act as a rail for the speed square's edge, then I put a a piece of plywood inside the tubing to act as a spacer so the speed square would be snug, and for the clip I used a clip off an old Tape measure I didn't use anymore. It works great . here are a couple of pics... Front Back Side

Re: Speed square holder

I've always thought Tom's square holder was pretty nifty, and have kept my eye out for one, but with no luck.

Then by chance I was paging through some old TOH Magazines I had boxed up, and found a little blurb about it in an issue from '99 or 2000. It's called a "T" Holder and it was invented by a couple of builders in Bend, OR. It is designed to hold a speed square and a combination square. In the "Resources" section they listed the manufacturer as W.D. Holders and gave a phone number (which I haven't called yet). I tried to look up the company on-line but can't find them, or a "T" Holder for sale anywhere.


Re: Speed square holder

I have been looking for a holder for my combination square for five years now. Last night I got lucky and found one!

Iron Dog 70013 Combo Square Holder Price $7.50 plus shipping. Here is the url for the web location.


Hope this helps!

Re: Speed square holder

I agree with just putting it in with my nails, nothing extra to fool with and easily accessible.

Calcats ;)

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