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Specialty Saw

On a recent "Ask This Old House" show, I saw Tommy use a specialty saw which I refer to as a "plunge reciprocating saw." He used this saw to cut off the bottom of door trim prior to installing wood flooring. I have seen similar saws used by surgeons to cut bone. Who make these saws, how expensive, where can I get one, and what are they actually called.

Re: Specialty Saw

The Fein Multimaster is probably the most expensive but they are also made by Bosch, Rocklwell, and the one used on the show was made by Dremel. The Dremel is the least expensive unit and can be bought at most Homedepot stores and I believe Lowes.

Re: Specialty Saw

I was looking for info about this tool. This is the 7 in 1 tool from the infomercials, right? Is it (or the Dremel) any good? How useful is it, especially for a homeowner? It looks like a wonderful product on tv but....

Re: Specialty Saw

I have started researching the differences between these tools as I am also interested in getting one. Listed below are impressions from what I have read so far, I haven't used any of them.

The drawback on the Bosch is the very short battery life. Different on-line testing sites comparing the tools all mentioned this and I quickly eliminated that one based on that criteria.

The Rockwell and Dremel are about the same in the performance department. It seems the replacement blades are more accessible for the Dremel than the Rockwell (although maybe the Dremel blades will fit the Rockwell?). Both Dremel and Rockwell need a wrench to change blades compared with the tool-less blade change the Fein offers. The replacement blades are pricey for all of them.

The Dremel comes with a hard case where the Rockwell's I have seen on line only have a carry bag for storage. I have not seen a Rockwell in any local stores, only on line. I would like to actually see a Rockwell before making a decision, but right now am leaning toward the Dremel.

Re: Specialty Saw

Dremel-light duty good for occasional use cheaper price. Blades and accessories readily available at Lowe's and Homedepot . about $100

Bosch- battery operated (a minus as far as I'm concerned although it is Lithium) Uses other manufacturer's blades .Starting at about $180

Rockwell- a direct copy of the Fein Multimaster but doesn't have the Fein tool-less blade change. Starting at about $120

Fein MultiMaster- originator of this type tool starts at about $210.

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