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Michael Scharfe
Special Wall Cap for going through Soffit?

We are wanting to put in a bathroom vent and are wanting to go out through the soffit. We are wondering will we need a special type of wall cap because it is going down through the soffit. We are thinking that the normal wall caps may not work because the flaps will probably stay open because it is facing the ground, and therefore may allow bugs to fly in. What do you think about this and what should we do? Thanks! :)

Re: Special Wall Cap for going through Soffit?

I have seen a cap for the aplication that you are talking about, you should be able to find it your home improvment store. The other thing you should think about is if your soffit is vented, becasue if it is then you will just be pulling all the moisture and air right back into your house makeing a bigger mess down the road. Check out this link they had a problem with a vent that was in vented soffit and had to put the vent threw the roof.


Re: Special Wall Cap for going through Soffit?

good man nelson, you know your stuff

very very true, having a bathroom vent down out of soffit is a no no. the warm moist air will simply rise up into the eaves and slowly rot out the sheathing at the edge of the roof. if the vent comes up through the attic your much better off running the vent out through the fascia or up through the roof itself with a properly designed roof vent for just this application

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