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Re: Spam Attack

the spam here is part of the reason i dont pay much attention here anymore, theres a enititirely different web forum which i regular, for pros only, sorry homeowners your not allowed, seriosly, sprucy knows this place where everybody knows your name

A. Spruce
Re: Spam Attack

Hardly worth coming to a place with no moderation and no concern for the well being of its members. TOH goes down for two months and they still can't control the spam around here.:rolleyes:

Re: Spam Attack

As I see it anyway concerning the spam issue I just now have seen spam from new members who are really here to advertise and nothing more. I know I have mentioned products and their names because I have tried them and I was impressed by them and also mentioned where they could be bought and I don't consider that spam. However a company that uses this blog to post what is clearly advertising I certainly consider it spam. Just now in the technical support forum I noticed someone selling or trying to sell solar collectors definitely spam. I have also noticed on the spam that there is no place to click on for abusive comments like there was with A. Spruce who has made many fine comments and has been very helpful in helping me solve some of my problems. No A. Spruce is fine I just use A. Spruce as an example of a good contributor but one who also had a report abuse button while the spammer didn't. Clearly something is still wrong with the spam filter as you have already mentioned. Perhaps these people are hackers who for whatever reason want to create problems. Somehow the hacking needs to stop and a better filter needs to be in place of which I know you are aware of. Perhaps if something could be written into the code for your website for a report abuse button being required for every post then the spam might not stop but at least it would be easier to report and maybe we could get rid of these spammers together. Just a thought anyway and I certainly hope it works as I really like this community and have many of what I would call friends even though I might not know them by their true name. I also want to say that I missed this community and I hope it stays forever as many people have been helped and many have tried to in return help others.


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