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Space for Microwave/remove dishwasher

I have a galley kitchen and my microwave sits on a 24" counter top between the refrigerator and stove. I would like to move it off of the countertop. I don't have room to add a cart or island. My electric stove has an exhaust and fan above it.

I also want to remove my dishwasher which I don't use, and replace it with some additional cabinet space.

Any suggestions?

Re: Space for Microwave/remove dishwasher

1. Moving your microwave oven will give a full use of the countertop between the stove and the ref. Find another space for it.

2. Removing a dishwasher generally is not very difficult, but it could be complicated sometimes.
If it sits on the same level as the floor, it would slide out rather easily.
- Disconnect the power to the dishwasher. You'll need some electric skills for that.
- Disconnect the hot water supply to the dishwasher. Make sure the hot water supply to the DW is plugged (it depends on the setup you have under the sink).
- Disconnect the DW discharge (if it discharges into the garbage disposer, you need to plug the opening).
Now you are ready to bring the DW out.

3. To fit in a new cabinet, you'll need some skills of a finished carpenter.

Re: Space for Microwave/remove dishwasher

Removing the DW will work and the microwave can be built in. An ordinary over the stove microwave is 30" wide. A DW is 24" wide

Whatever you do, use screws so the process can be reversed by the next home owner. You'd be surprised how folks will throw a hissy fit if there is no DW.

Re: Space for Microwave/remove dishwasher

If you place the microwave over the stove, what happens to the exhaust fan? What is the bare bones cost for a microwave to be built in?

Re: Space for Microwave/remove dishwasher

When over the stove, they are vented the same way a stove is; either piped outside or vented back into the room.

Cost is whatever you want to pay for it. I dunno where you are, what the job conditions are and don't know what contractors charge in your area. You will need skilled hands, which get paid well.

Re: Space for Microwave/remove dishwasher

(1) Don't they make a over-the-stove microwave/exhaust combo ? The demand for this kind of appliance is large enough for a manufacturer to offer it. Depending on the existing overhead cabinets, modifications may be necessary to mount it.

(2) My current microwave is under the counter - a GE convection unit housed in a shell (which probably fits a 24" oven if I wanted it later). When under the counter, it is a pain in the back to insert & remove (hot) food in a front loading microwave, and just as inconvenient to clean. A draw loading microwave is more convenient but it is bigger bucks and the money begins to add up when you add other costs.

(3) I don't know how you can live without a DW because it is a dish holding pen that frees up your sink and controls food odors, and avoid having to continually wash cups, dishes, etc. Also, as mentioned, it is a deal killer for the ladies not to have a DW if you plan to sell the house one day.

Just one guy's opinion.

Re: Space for Microwave/remove dishwasher

To keep costs down, I wanted to try and convert an overhead cabinet into a space for the microwave. That way I won't have to do anything to the exhaust over the stove.

T_Manero - I'm a single parent of a 16 yr old. I don't cook much so there's not a lot of dishes that pile up. The space would serve me so much better for storage.

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