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Space around water heater

is there a code (Indiana) or "rule of thumb" as to how close a water heater is to other objects? I have 30gal gas water heater about 2ft. away from a gas furnace with a/c controls on top. I would like to move them closer together to conserve space. Any concerns with this?

Re: Space around water heater

To get an accurate answer, contact your building department.

As a rule of thumb, you need to have enough access space around the furnace and the water heater to allow a repairman to work on them, when needed. 2' is sufficient space.

Re: Space around water heater

As far as the heater goes it can be as close as you need. As long as you have room the get to the burner and controls on the heater. The same goes for the furnace.


Re: Space around water heater

But as dj1 said, you really need the space especially around the furnace/ac for a tech to repair and service. Depending on the unit and if the other sides are clear you might be able get away with it. For another 18" of space, it doesn't seem to me to be worth the effort in my uninformed, not seeing the setup and not knowing why the 18" is important opinion.

Re: Space around water heater

Thanks for the reply and suggestions dj1, johnjh2o, and ed21. The furnace/ a/c is a Bryant. the burner access is in the front, not sure about the a/c controls. there seems to be a removable panel in both the front and side. the drain is in front. it would be a lot of work for such a small amount of space but it would give me enough room to fit a utility sink along that wall.

Re: Space around water heater

It looks like you've made up your mind to move the two close...

In that case, I think that it will be easier to move the water heater, if that works with finishing the drain, water supplies, gas line and vent.

Re: Space around water heater

Just keep in mind if the furnace ever needs replaced you may have to have the water heater moved the primary thing in most states on code is to be able to pull the parts out of the front like blower motor etc.. I agree with john it should be fine but if any doubt contact local building inspector most states require a permit and inspection to move a water heater of furnace.

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