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Source of water staining the ceiling in master bedroom

Noticed a water stain in the master bedroom ceiling. Went into the attic to see if I could identify the source, and I could not. The ceiling is pitched and the location of the stain is at the lower end of the ceiling so it is very difficult to get to. I contacted a heating and air co. to see if they could identify the problem. After they inspected the area, they said it is not the duct work. The only other thing near that area is a PVC pipe, which runs from the front side of the roof to the backside. I believe the PVC pipe has something to do with the vents that run out of roof. Any idea what could be causing the water leak?

Timothy Miller
Re: Source of water staining the ceiling in master bedroom

Howdy, do ya live where it is below freezing at night? is there snow on the roof? is there ice at the bottom edge of the roof? Your leak then can be from ice damming this allows melted water to pool and freeze and create a dam so next melting water is backed up under shingles and leaks into the home. This does not damage the roof but causes interior damage. To stop it you can hook a hose up to you water heater and melt the ice at roof edge. and make sure down spout is not clogged with debris and or ice .

Re: Source of water staining the ceiling in master bedroom

You did not tell us when the leak occurs. Does it happen when it rains or does it happen when it get cold out side? You could have a leak in you roof and the water hits the pipe and runs down to the end before dropping off. If the pipe is carrying water it could be leaking. If it is carrying something cold it could be condensantion. Or your gutters could be clogged, ice, snow or leaves, and backing up into your attic.

Have fun and if you do not find the source could you supply so more information to prior questions.

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