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soundproofing guest room

We have a bedroom that we are planning to make into a guest room, that I would like to soundproof, perhaps with cork or carpet. The problem is, this room is to have a theme of a desert garden, which would be easily compatible with soundproofing if the surface can be painted without canceling out the soundroofing properties. I want to be able to practice my clarinet in there day or night without bothering anyone else. As for the ceiling, I would like a tin ceiling, but that's flexible.

Re: soundproofing guest room

You've not gotten many answers for your question because it's sort of a cake and eat it situation. If you put carpet on the walls, you want to paint it?? For the carpet to deaden the sound of the clarinet, it'll have to be a little thicker than that. The tin on the ceiling won't deaden any sound. It'll let the sound reflect off it and just add to the noise.

They make foam panels that have irregular shapes and these get atteched to the walls and ceiling in commercial practice rooms and they do a good job but you'll need to do the ceiling too.

Or, you could build a fake wall inside the room on all sides, with drywall and studs. Insulate the airspace behind it and you'll get the sound deadening you're looking for too. Sorry but there's not a real good answer based on your requirements.

Good Luck.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: soundproofing guest room

acoustical wall panels they look like regular wall board but are something like the equivellent of putting up something like 15 layers of the stuff.

acoustical caulk, foam, isolation behind outlets, etc.

ceiling could use similar. If you then put up a tin ceiling you'll be creating a resonating sound board - not a good idea unless you're going to drop it and isolate it from the flat ceiling surface and the walls.

plenty of web resources for you to look into methods. If you have a forced air system for heating and/or A/C that would be another problem area for isolating sound transmission.

You might also look into the methods for isolating sound for recording studios. Egg crate like wall surfaces, etc. and other techniques for absorbing/deflecting sound.

Re: soundproofing guest room

One of the best ways we've found for soundproofing a room is Quiet Rock Soundproof Drywall. It's not cheap, but it would meet your requirements. I don't think the tin ceiling will work though, too much potential for sound reflection and ceiling vibration.

Chris Matey
Red Apple Renovations

Re: soundproofing guest room

heard that covering your walls and ceiling with paper egg carton helps.

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