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Soundproof windows for porch (lanai)

We have a home in florida with a lanai on the back. It has floor to ceiling openings that are screened. Many people have the screened openings enclosed with acrylic plastic windows. But, the plastic doesn't seem too soundproof. We need additional soundproofing. One option would be hurricane resistant glass, which is a layer of plastic film sandwiched between 2 layers of glass., but this is quite expensive. I was thinking of installing acrylic windows on the lanai, then installing a second set of acrylic windows behind the first set, leaving an airspace between the two. This would give me 2 sets of say 3/8" plastic, with a 1 or 2" airspace in between. Does anyone have any experience with soundproofing, do you think this would be the best solution (and cheapest?). Thanks in advance!:)

Re: Soundproof windows for porch (lanai)

One method that window manufacturers do to improve sound attenuation is varying the thickness of the panes. For example a dual pane window may have the outer pane at 5mm thick with the inner pane at 3mm thick. The different thicknesses will filter different sound frequencies so varying these will be effective without having both panes very thick increasing the weight as well cost.
If the acrylic panels are the way you are choosing it may work to try this method of two different thickness of panels.

Re: Soundproof windows for porch (lanai)

That's interesting - thanks, if we go this route I think we'll try it.

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