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Sounding Proofing needed

I own a three decker house in Roxbury, MA. I live on the second floor, The floors are all hardwood. The noise of people walking, playing music or loudly talking travels right down into my apartment. I have tried to sound proof by putting double ceilings in with sound board, rubber sounding proof material and new sheet rock and carpet on the floor all to no avail. Do you have any suggestions to keep the noise down?

Re: Sounding Proofing needed

Yes, move.

Re: Sounding Proofing needed

Very funny but I own the house and moving into the 3rd floor would be difficult for me due to age

Re: Sounding Proofing needed

That's surprising. You seem to have done everything to cut out the sound. I use sound-proofed offices and have been surprised how effective some standard sound-proofing materials have been - it's in the walls and doors.

So, I would suspect that somehow you have overlooked one or more channels for the sound. Perhaps through the wall cavities??? What other gaps or channels could the sound be travelling through? Pipes? Doors/hallways?

I don't know what the filler material is that was used in our office but it's great. What's also really great is the foam material used in recording studios - those undulating foam panels that they stick to the walls to stop echoes and insulate from intruding noise. That stuff is quite magical. Maybe you could add a layer of it to your ceiling/wall cavities.

Re: Sounding Proofing needed

Sounds to me like the noise could be coming in through your walls by traveling through the upstairs floor and downstairs ceiling. I would try sound proofing these.

The best method I know of for keeping sound down is offset studs with insulation and sound proofing board (soundboard) and another layer of 1/2 thick drywall.

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