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Sound of Water Trickling Through Baseboard Pipes

Recently I am hearing the sound of water trickling through my baseboard water pipes. I believe I need to purge air from my system. There are no purge valves on at the baseboards. I've resarched purging air from baseboard systems on the internet but I'm still unsure how to do it as my system looks different than those in the videos I watched. Here are some pictures of my system. Can someone held describe the steps I should take.

Re: Sound of Water Trickling Through Baseboard Pipes

1) First double-check the ends of each baseboard for any bleeder valves as shown here http://plumbing.hardwarestore.com/52-332-brass-sweat-fittings.aspx ; the bleeders will look like items # 1, #3,#8 or #10 (see also items/photos 15-21 of the inspectapedia site)---bleeding the pipes using this method with a pliers (some bleeders require a screwdriver) is the easiest and less likely to get you into problems---remove the front steel panel of the baseboards to get a better view of the pipes; use a small cup to catch any water that comes out.

2) If you find no bleed valves behind the baseboard, you can still easily bleed the air out at the MAIN SUPPLY PIPE by placing a plastic bucket under the gray Expansion Tank/Air Scoop Purger, as noted here: http://inspectapedia.com/heat/AirBleedValves.htm; (photo 5); scroll down to this 5th photo of the air scoop with the manual air purger (the same one that's on your system); sometimes the system has to be running & pumping hot water thru the system---loosen the little top screw valve, with a pliers, if necesssary, (all the way off, if necessary), of the air purger, and tap the little needle with your finger several times until you get lots of water coming out (and hopefully some air); the little needle valve inside should move up & down freely; clean any accumulated crud with an unraveled paper clip, if necessary; tie the plastic bucket with a rope, if necessary so it catches the water coming out---these manual purgers often get clogged by minerals in the water (especially if you have hard water), and this may be the reason you're now getting air in the piping; replace the little screw cap only finger tight; while you're at the inspectapedia site, scroll down to photos 14, 15, 16, 17 to see examples of typical baseboard bleed valves that you may find on your system; also scroll down to photos 20 & 21 to see other common hot water heating system bleed valves.

If the above 2 methods don't work, try the purge method below, but I recommend you first call a service tech so he/she can show you exactly how the purge system works on your particular system.

3) It looks like you have 4 purge valves (4 zones) near the boiler where you can attach a short clothes washer hose to "purge" each zone (one at a time) by placing the other end of the hose in a bucket (see purge video). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuf8A7D64YU; there's a return valve (that I can't see in the photos) that has to be shut off for this method to work.

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