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"Something" Under the Old Floor

If there is a better catagory to ask this question, someone please let me know.
We have our old kitchen torn out and under the floor, in the dirt, (no basement) is a dome about 20" across that is made of something cast, we think, it might be crock/pottery. It looks like a cylinder that is in the ground on end. My contractor has only exposed about 15-18" of it, and doesn't intend to dig around it anymore. He's not willing to crack it open either....I think he should be more brave. Does anyone have any idea what we've come across? There do not seem to be lines to it, although they may be further underground. The existing plumbing and septic do not go to it, as far as we can tell. Thanks for any help. oldfarmhousekeeper

Re: "Something" Under the Old Floor

It was quite common in old houses to have wells or cisterns under the kitchen and a hand pump in the kitchen. I would not think it would be covered with crockery though. It may just be an old crock or part of one that was built over. I would dig it out just to find out.Jack

Re: "Something" Under the Old Floor

make sure you let us know, i'm curious as to what it is


Re: "Something" Under the Old Floor

I'll try this again........my computer is acting up today.

I will let the TOH discussion know if we find out what this is. The cistern is actually under what is now the dining room.......I believe it was the original kitchen, and my kitchen as it is now, was a wood porch. We have seen the old rock/mortar cistern. The only thing I could think that this might be was a well. It's not like any I've seen before, if it is. It's so rounded, we thought at first it was a rock. We've got a load bearing wall being supported with a boulder and a tree trunk. Folks were so ingenious 150 years ago. There is a crack in the top of this thing, and I'm guessing when my husband gets home, he will be opening it up to investigate........the contractor doesn't want to for fear of what he'll expose....something smelly maybe. I've contacted our local historical society and I'm hoping someone from there can take a look before it's closed over. thanks, oldfarmhousekeeper

Re: "Something" Under the Old Floor

There's no way I would break the " dome " , but I would dig around it and try to see how deep it goes . I'm too curious to just cover it up .

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