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Hi Bay area Ca. Yes the hot water pipes are insulated outside and where the 3/4" cpve pipe even goes underground. At the other places i mentioned they ran all copper,and are within a foot in length of the cvpc piping here.

Re: something is not right

Yes to all of that bay ares. I even shovled around to make double sure the routing of pipes were the same to. The weather is the same from my house to the next outside,so is the earth(ok so don't laugh i had my ecologist buddy do a soil sample test)However, i did not test the water at each house at same time of day. This is why a recirculation pump would no doubt work but not at all needed.

Re: something is not right
tech526 wrote:

Hi all,
There are dwellings on the same block here with the same pluumbing layout with a longer hot side pipe run and get hot water in a snap at the opening of the hot side.

Sorry, no advice, but install a circulating pump. However no 27foot or longer pipe run in any house is going to get hot water in a snap, no matter what you've been told or think you've experienced.

Re: something is not right
tech526 wrote:

rDesigns thank you again,

What about getting rid of the 8'of 3/4 pipe which would still reduce the length to 19' on hot side,but re connect that cut out section with 3/4" cpvc piping instead of 1/2.

Negligible improvement--not worth the effort.

This is getting crazy. I mean as I have mentioned before, on this block ,and the house right next to me has their hot water line running from the WH going outside ,and underground and works great...just a turn of the handle and hey I feel hot water,, and they have a very similar plumbing layout (within a foot in length on hot water line)

The question not asked is said to be the dumb one. So I will ask this one. Would a larger capacity WH in anyway effect this situation in a good way?

A larger WH wouldn't reduce the delay in the slightest. Turning up the temperature at the WH would only slightly lengthen the time that it takes for the stagnated water to cool off.

When you compare your neighbors' houses to yours, you are no doubt checking the water temperature at a time when, not long before, someone there had used the hot water so that the temperature of the water in the line was already hot.

The best options available to you are to (1) Install a re-circulating system that uses the existing piping--Grundfos and Taco make these, or (2) install a small (6-gal.) tank-type water heater near the bathroom as a "pick-up" water heater. You would install the pick-up water heater in the HOT water line, so that it is fed by the existing hot line and keeps the water hot and ready for whenever someone draws hot water in the bathroom. By the time the 6 gallons are used, the small WH would be filled by the flow of hot water from the main tank.

I need AsK this old house out here...laughing

The best option


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