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Solution for two-sided fireplace

My husband and I are buying a 1970's home from a family member's estate and renovating.

There is a corner fireplace, at a 90-degree angle, not on the diagonal. The opening is two sided at a 90-degree angle. I hope this description makes sense.

The fireplace was evidently converted to a gas fireplace but there are no doors. There are the chain curtains (sorry, I don't know the appropriate term) and otherwise it's just open. As you can imagine, this is very drafty.

I've tried to search for appropriate doors ******, and all I see are custom doors which are quite expensive. I'm not looking for anything particularly decorative and we don't need it as a heat source, we just want to stop the heat loss and occasionally use the fireplace for ambiance.

Any advice?

Re: Solution for two-sided fireplace

I know exactly what you are describing, we had one in the house I grew up in. Are you talking about the heat loss when you have a fire in the fireplace or a 24/7 heat loss.

If it is a 24/7 heat loss, then you need to look at the damper and make sure it closes and seals properly. There should be some type of high temperature braided rope around the edge of the damper opening. Be careful here as if there are remnants of one, it might contain asbestos.

An alternative to the damper would be a cap on top of the chimney that closes. A chain hangs down the chimney flue to close the cap. The nice thing about it is that cold air doesn't get a start down the chimney in the first place. I don't think there is a way to do both, but that would be nice if there is.

If you are talking about just when you have a fire, the doors are the only answer that I know of.

Re: Solution for two-sided fireplace

Assuming that your damper is operating correctly, why don't you look at this idea: install two separate doors and seal the side where they meet. It will be a lot less money than one corner door. Make sure the door is sealed all around against the fireplace exterior (brick, marble or whatever finish you have).

Re: Solution for two-sided fireplace

dj1 has a pretty good idea, except that if yours is like the one that we had when I grew up, the main opening facing the living room was a standard size, but the side opening was the only about half as wide as the front opening, basically the depth of the fireplace, so you wont get a standard door for it, but you don't really need a door there, a simple piece of heat resistant, tempered glass is all you need with a standard door on the main opening.

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