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Solar Powered Motion Dection Shed Lights

Any experiences out there? We have a small hay shed near a field and I wanted to put a light in it so my wife does not have to retrieve hay in the dark in the winter. No electric out there. Wanted to install the charger outside and the detector and light inside away from the terrible wind here in the winter. I am getting the impression from the web that none f these units are reliable, sturdy, or last more than a few weeks. ANy thoughts?

Re: Solar Powered Motion Dection Shed Lights

All the ones I have had are not really reliable. They usually die for good in a few months, I never had any experience with the expensive ones.

Re: Solar Powered Motion Dection Shed Lights

thanks, Rachel, that's just what I keep hearing. can not understand why it is so hard to make a reliable product, the technology is here

Re: Solar Powered Motion Dection Shed Lights

I tried a couple of those that sold for around $20-$30 and they were all junk... mostly because they used cheap, low voltage batteries, low wattage flourescent tubes, or had only one or two LEDs which wouldn't allow you to see your hand in front of your face.

I decided to stop being a cheapskate and spend a few bucks. The pricepoint on effective solar and LED technology still isn't where it should be. So now I've been using the Heath Zenith SL-7001 for a few weeks and so far it's been very good. You can pick it up at Home Depot or Amazon for under $90 bucks. It uses a halogen bulb and a pretty hefty rechargeable 6V battery (5 Amp hours).

The only thing I don't care for is that the bulb acts as more of a spot than a flood light... but it lights up the doorway of my shed very nicely and doesn't seem to be too overly sensitive.

I've wired in a DC receptacle to plug in my auto flood light to run off of the battery. I'm also planning to add a 2nd 6V battery in series to convert the power to 12V, add an inverter, some LED xmas lights and a motion sensor for lighting inside the shed. It sounds like you may just choose to put the light inside but I need both. With this battery configuration and the LEDs I've chosen I expect they would run all night if necessary.

I expect the project total to be around $150 which isn't too bad considering it shouldn't cost me any more for several years.... except possibly for a replacement halogen bulb. No electric costs and the LEDs should last many years.

Hope this helps.

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