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Soggy backyard

Somewhere in the backyard there is an underground water leak and I don't know where to start looking. The ground is most wet, & has even gotten mushy, furthest away from the house but seeping forward. I'm not certain that the ground saturation is due to a sprinkler leak but there is an underground sprinkler system. The sprinkler shut-off is approx. 3 feet from the back of the house. This leak doesn't seem to be causing a water pressure problem at all because all the sprinklers come on fully & there's good pressure inside the house. The sprinklers were already installed when I moved in so I don't know how the system is laid out but I can say, from where I've dug so far, that there doesn't seem to be any real pattern. Each sprinkler head is mounted south, southeast or southwest of the shut-off. Each head has a horizontal pvc pipe that is laid to head south, which makes no sense to me. I still haven't determined where any of them connect to the main line that feeds the water to each head. What would be the smartest way FOR ME to find out where the water leak is coming from? I already know the easiest way but I can't afford a plumber or landscaper. Thanks for any and all suggestions! ;)

Re: Soggy backyard

Do you have a septic system or is it city sewer? If the septic tank is full and you are using alot of water, it may not have time to recover.

But, since when you turn on the sprinkler system there is no loss of pressure I don't think it is that. Also, even if one of the sprinkler lines were broke you wouldn't see it until the sprinkler system came on.

Turn the system off for a week and see if the water goes away. Also, find where your water meter is located at and where it goes into you house. See if the meter is turning (using water) and maybe that could be it.

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