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Soft Paint?

I built a custom corner desk for my room made from high density particle board. It's a great multi-purpose work station with a drawing/drafting board and several other nice amenities. In the process of building this desk, I primed it, sanded it, and painted it. I also put a matte clear coat on it. I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch(spray) for all of it. It's been in the room for about a couple months and I've noticed that certain item, when resting on the desk for a certain period seem to sink into the paint and leave small indentations. It's mainly the rubber handles on the pliers that I use, but I've also noticed a certain tackiness when using my computer mouse. I have heavier item that live on the desk and leave no trace when I move them. It's not a a big issue and I don't mind if the surface is a little dinged up as it is for craft projects, but I just wanted to know what it might be caused by. Whether it's to many layers of paint, or if it has something to do with the particle board, or if I should have used something different for the clear coat. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks

Re: Soft Paint?

Hmmm...I wonder if the item and the paint are having some weird chemical interaction...
I know that some of my plastic fishing worms would 'melt' certain tackle boxes. It didn't happen all the time, only certain ones would do it. Perhaps the items sinking into the paint have some king of rubber on them?

Re: Soft Paint?

Crookshank, did you use the Painters Touch clear coat or an acrylic clear coat? The Painters Touch line is oil based and should give a nice hard, non-tacky finish. An acrylic clear coat could well feel tacky, especially when the relative humidity is high.

Re: Soft Paint?

Thanks for the replies! Ordjen, I used the Painters Touch clear coat and it is a nice hard finish, not tacky at all. It's just with certain rubber and plastic items. odd_artist I think is right about the chemical reaction. It's funny cause the same thing used to happen to me with my tackle box. I will just have to make sure I don't let my rubber handled pliers come in direct contact with the finish. I wasn't expecting to find an answer for this problem. Thanks again.

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