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Soffit Vents in the desert

I live in El Paso, TX and am having blown in insulation added to my attic. I currently have continuous soffit vents, two turbines, and six square vents. All the contractors that bid on the job said I did not need to worry about soffit vent chutes. That they would blown in the insulation throughout the attic blocking them and in the winter I would leave me turbines open. This does not seem right to me. It would seem that the soffit vents need to stay open for proper air circulation. Am I wrong or are these guys trying to take me? I would appreciate any help.

Re: Soffit Vents in the desert

I would say you still want soffit vents. The problem is that when the insulation is blown in it will likely close off the existing vents. What needs to be done is have baffles installed at each rafter or truss space. That is often difficult to accomplish because of not much clearance at the edge of the roof. Even if the baffles were installed, the guy blowing in the insulation would have to take care not to blow insul into the baffles. I would try to find someone willing to do this & understands the reason why. Or install batt insulation.

Timothy Miller
Re: Soffit Vents in the desert

Howdy need to leave the soffit vents open as hot air rises. For the roof vents to ventthe soffit vents create an air intake to allow air movement out the top of the roof venting. At the soffit air is cooler then air at the peak of the roof so conduction/ convection transfers heat. In the summer this temperature difference is HUGE. On a sunny day 70* attic not vented with air flow likley over 100* So even more important to have this air flow to keep heat from radiating into the home interior all summer easy 120*+.

Sounds like the contractors do not want to install baffils as its a pain in the b... if a shallow roof to outside wall space. If your are blowing in fiberglass you will still get a little air movement if cellulose none if you cover the vents with insulation. Do the insulation contractors have relatives that do air conditioners haha....

Re: Soffit Vents in the desert

Thanks guys, I just wanted to make sure they didn't know something I didn't. I will either make them install the baffles or do the job myself. The baffles are the reason I got quotes to begin with. It is a pain with continous soffit vents. Thanks for the info.

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