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sock mark on newly refinished floor

I'm a first time floor refinisher. Took up our old carpet, got out the nails & staples, sanded it, put on coats 1, 2, & 3 (with light sanding in between coats). Drying took much longer than expected (15-20 hours! Outside temperature in mid-80's). I got my 3rd coat down and the floor was looking pretty decent (for a newbie!). We used the Cabot Satin finish oil-based poly. We waited about 18 hours (slept at our son's house) and came home. It looked good, wasn't tacky at all. We were still waiting for another area to dry so I took 2 steps onto the floor that wasn't tacky any longer to lower the AC temperature (was told that might help the drying time). On coming off that floor, I noticed I left 2 sock prints in the finish! Is there any "easy" way to get them out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated (& help me get out of the doghouse!).

Re: sock mark on newly refinished floor

You just roughened the poly, that's all.

I'd allow the polyurethane to fully dry and then clean those two areas with a Magic Eraser to remove any cloth fibers left behind.

The Magic Erasers are abrasive, and they may leave extremely fine scratches on your poly, so try to confine your cleaning to just the area where the poly was roughened. Just apply a coat of WIPE ON polyurethane, which you can buy at any hardware store or home center. You simply pour some wiping poly on to a white cotton rag and work it into the rag so that the rag is uniformly damp with the wiping poly. Then, use the rag to wipe the poly onto the spots to restore the smooth layer of poly over those two areas. Because you apply the poly with a rag, there's no brush strokes to be concerned about. Also, wiping poly goes on thinner than normal polyurethane, so it may take a good few coats to restore the smooth surface to the two spots.

Wipe On poly comes in gloss, semi-gloss and satin, so try to get the same gloss level as you used on your wood. But, be forwarned, there doesn't seem to be any concensus of opinion on how glossy satin and semi-gloss are, so one company's satin might be closer to another company's semi-gloss, and vice versa.

Also, keep the rag damp with poly in a clear plastic bag between coats so that it doesn't dry up. You want a white cotton rag and a clear plastic bag because the solvent in the poly could leach the dyes out of a coloured fabric or the printing ink on a plastic bag. You can remove the printing ink from plastic bags with nail polish remover. A freezer bag works well to store the wiping rag between coats.

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