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Soap Dish Problem

We had a family stay with us, and when taking a shower, one of the kids used the soap dish as a foot holder. Needless to say it came off.
However we discovered that there was a hole cut into the drywall to fit the soapdish, then moarter, was used to install a plastic piece (looks like a light switch cover) on the inside of the drywall and then more moarter was applied to attach the soapdish to the plastic piece. This plastic piece only covers about 2/3 of the hole and i have no idea how they thought of this. Besides completly renovating and tearing out floor to ceiling tile, any ideas on how to fix? The only thing i can think of is reattaching it like it was. Any more input would be extremely helpful!!!

A. Spruce
Re: Soap Dish Problem

Clean the grout and caulk from around the perimeter of the soap dish and chip off some of the mortar stuck to the back of it. Apply construction adhesive designed for the materials involved (ceramic, mortar, plastic ) liberally to the known contact points, but not at the perimeter edge where it can ooze out and be visible. Fit the dish back into place and duct tape it with a liberal amount of duct tape and allow to cure fully, usually about 24 hours. Once the adhesive has cured, carefully remove the tape and caulk the perimeter of the soap dish to the wall. Once the caulk has cured you can once again use the shower. This process will take about 48 hours to complete, most of it drying time for the adhesive and caulk.

Re: Soap Dish Problem

At this point and since you don't want to redo the tile in the shower, I would rebuild it in the same way it was originally.
First clean out and completely remove any of the old mortar. Then repeat step by step the way you found it to the finish.

Ideally, a soapdish would rest on the tiles, not on a small plastic wall plate cover. But even done correctly, a soapdish is to hold a bar of soap, not to hang and rest feet on or to climb on.

I would take a "security deposit" next time you have this family over...:D:D

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