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Bryan Fountain
Snow Fencing

I have recently moved yo a small farmette in NW Illionis and last winter we had snow drifts that caused us problems. This year I was thinking of trying some snow fencing to prevent the drifting, but I am not sure of where the fencing should be placed. Does anyone have any advice on this matter?

Re: Snow Fencing

Try your local farm supply store and talk to them. People around there have dealt with drifting snow for years & would probably be glad to offer assitance. Besides that you'll get to meet some locals & become part of the community.
Drifting snow- a good reason to buy a 4x4 truck.;)

Re: Snow Fencing

Personally I wouldn't bother with snow fence. Where ever you place it it will block drifting if the wind blows from one direction and cause drifting if the wind changes direction. Just IMHO.

Re: Snow Fencing

What type of problems were the drifts causing? Something a snow plow would fix?

A. Spruce
Re: Snow Fencing
ed21 wrote:

Drifting snow- a good reason to buy a 4x4 truck.;)

So is snow drifting. :D

Re: Snow Fencing

good thing about snow fence is that it isn't permanent......if it turns out that you put it in the wrong spot one year I bet you wont put it there again

Re: Snow Fencing

Use of snow fencing varies greatly, but counties with flat terrain or prairie can't get through winter w/o it.
Snowplowing creates banks which generate more snow drifts on the leeway side. Place your fence to the west in open spots 25 to 50 yards from buildings or on a nearby rise or hillcrest. A four foot fence can produce a 6 foot drift that isn't in your yard.

Re: Snow Fencing

If possible, I would suggest a living fence, a double row of pines, cedar, or spruce in the direction the drifting snow comes from. Plant them along the property line if not too far away, or about 30-50 feet from the drive. The main thing is to disturb the flow of the wind to make it drop the snow it is carrying before crossing the drive. The advantages are numerous for you and the birds.

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