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snap, crack & popping all through the house

Bought this stick-built house in '02 - built in '85. Inspector gave it a clean bill of heath, but needed some cosmetic work. Ranch style. Full basement. Replaced roof after hail damage 2 years ago. When the roofers walked on the roof the ceiling and canister lights shook so bad some bulbs actually fell out...the kitchen cabinets shook so bad I had to remove the china. They were not walking hard or stomping around! :confused:

The house pops so loud it wakes us up from a sound sleep. And the floors creek when CAT walks across.:eek:

When we close the garage door into the house (downstairs) or the three sets of double doors (metal) the whole house shakes. I can push on the wall next to the garage door and it shakes. I am a small woman.

Are we in a house of cards? It feels like it. What can we do if anything?

Re: snap, crack & popping all through the house

Wow! Your description does not sound good!
Although I am not now a professional carpenter (but have done my share of it), my guess is that the house is under-framed. Either the framing members are too light or are too far apart. (or, not enough nails in places?)

I can't believe the inspector didn't notice trouble. If I were in your shoes, I would get ahold of a good carpenter to go up in your attic and take a look at the rafters and ceiling joists. You probably have trusses. Maybe they were not well engineered.

Don't want to scare you, but your house should not be moving like it is. I think your intuition that something is wrong is probably right on. So, get some good professional advice.

I hope things turn out well for you in the end.

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