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New Jersey John
Smoke coming from neighbor

Hello. We recently purchased a twin house in NJ. The neighbor's side of the twin is split into two apartments. One apartment on the first floor and another apartment on the second floor. Our neighbor on the second floor smokes and we smell his cigar/cigarette smoke in our second floor hallway and in our one year old's bed room. We tried using spray foam on some of the holes in the dry wall that we saw. There is a brick firewall behind the drywall. I assume the firewall is complete wihtout any gaps but I have no way of really knowing wthout removing all the drywall in the hallway and hallway ceiling. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions as to how we cna handle this? We asked our neighbor to crack a window but he refused to comply. HELP!

Re: Smoke coming from neighbor

Been there when I was living in an apartment in San Diego. The smoke and the smell was so bad I felt that I should just invite the guy to live with me, as I couldn't imagine the situation to get much worse.

I wish I could answer the issue about the walls but I found this site. It details that you are not alone and that persons are suing based on the fact that they are at risk for damages to their health due to the smoke and also that it's a general nuisance, which disallows them to fully enjoy their home and/or yards.


Good luck. I wish I could have given you a better answer.

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