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Mrs. Odets
smelly kitchen sink drains

There is a foul "rotten eggs" smell eminating from the pvc pipes on my new double stailess steel kitchen sink. Two plumbers have not discovered the cause, the most recent saying "bacteria" and suggesting a cup of bleach down each drain. My brick house was built in 1937, the kitchen is over a crawl space.

Four applications of bleach have not eliminated the smell. Any remedies out there? Thanks!

Re: smelly kitchen sink drains

you say new sink..... I would suspect problems with the installation. the rotten egg smell is probally sewer gas coming up somewhere. or could be when replaced some spilled inside the cabinet and a good cleaning would take care of that.

Re: smelly kitchen sink drains

Check under the sink for the dishwasher hookup hose. We had a new dishwasher installed and they did not rehook up the hose properly, there was dirty dishwater pooling in the hose and venting from under the sink. Stinky! Easy fix once we isolated the problem.

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