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John Davidson
Smelly Hot Water

This is a copy of a question I sent to Ask This Old House hoping for a reply soon???

Hi: This ? is for that resident expert Richard Trethewey.
I have that sulfur smell in the laundry room sink when the hot water is used. Here's the kicker: that’s the only sink that has this problem. I've tested other sinks, some closer the hot water heater(electric)but I don't seem to have that smell anywhere else. I know that there’s only one WH for the house(4yrs old) as I personally helped in it's construction. I have purchased a new anode rod but I'm hesitant to install it if there could be another explanation. I’m at a loss to explain this. Can you help???
P.S. I love your show and watch as often as possible...


Re: Smelly Hot Water

Go ahead replace the anode and see if the sulfur smell disappears.

Re: Smelly Hot Water

Just before final pipe connection at the top of the tank, toss in a quart of bleach then fill the tank. Let it set for 2 or 4 hours. Bleach is the standard way to rid HWHs of that sulfur odor. If the sink has a filter, remove the filter as they make the smell worse. Sounds counter-intuitive, but true,

Re: Smelly Hot Water

Are you sure its not coming from the drain?

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