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Amanda B
Smelly Hot Water

I just bought a house that was empty for a couple months. The hot water from all faucets has a horrible sulphur smell. Will simply running the hot water in the faucets help fix the problem (ie. drain the hot water heater enough to fix the problem) or will I have to drain the actual hot water heater? If I have to drain the hot water heater, how difficult is that?

Amanda B
Re: Smelly Hot Water

What I did was turn the thermostat way up and run the water until it ran cold. Then I let it heat back up and did this again and opened different faucets around the house. This seemed to work. At the start of this, some dark residue came out with the water but is now running clear. Now the heater is back at normal temperature and seems fine for now. What do you think?

Re: Smelly Hot Water

H2S is another technical name for this. You need to get a twin water softner and pre-treat the water. You also need to get a water analysis. This is to find out if it is the feed water or if it is just the hot side. If it is the hot side only, you can replace the anode (sacrificial) inside the water heater. Rinse the inside out with bleach for 12-24 hours and then call it good. Process of elimanation. Good luck.

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