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smell in the well

bleached well several times n it keeps stinkin up at well n home. softner in place n carbon filter n still stinkin. can well stink b fixed?

Re: smell in the well

does it smell like rotten eggs ?

Re: smell in the well

Is this a dug well or a drilled well?

Re: smell in the well

And are you new to the well, or is this something that has happened after it was OK until now?

I once moved into a place with a well that had been vacant for some time beforehand. The fishy smell was overwhelming, but I "developed" the well and the odor was gone rather quickly. Afterward most of my guests wanted a drink of the wonderful tasting water that came from my tap, even though the city water around here is excellent ;)

Anyone who has a well or septic system need a book called "Wells and Septic Systems" by Max and Charlotte Alth. While some of it is out of date, it is still the best reference you can have for these and it's written in a down-home manner which is easy to understand. Unless the problem you've got is from something new and unpleasant in the aquifer which feeds your well, you can fix it yourself with this book.


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