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Smell in the room

There is some kind of sewer smell in room. It share the wall with bathroom. Can any one assist how I can possible fix it.

Re: Smell in the room

You definately need to give more info. Is there an attic above the room? If there is go up there and see if a pipe is comming out the top and if it is going out the top of the roof. This is your vent. If there isn't one, how do you feel about cutting a hole in the wall? If there is no vent this is where the smell may be coming from. Good luck. Process of elimination.

kreg mcmahon
Re: Smell in the room

do you notice when you leave the room it goes away? lol

check your pee traps in all rooms. do you have a shower or sink basin that has not been used for a while several months?

if so run water down all of them and that might help, my friend had a problem and he had a shower he had not used for several months and the water had dried up in the pee trap and gas was coming into the house. he got very sick from it. so check it out. if not that problem have you done any repairs that a screw or nail might have puntured a hole in a pipe?
several solutions.

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