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Smart Home installations

I am in the process of building a home and would like to install the right components in order to have a "smart" home. Since budget is a concern for me, as well as for most people building a home, I want to install the least amount up front but be able to scale it upward down the road without a forklift upgrade.

I would think wiring runs etc. would be the most critical part to do up front. It is difficult to go back and tear up walls to install wiring. I would like any advise on a place to start in my research on this topic.

Also, the system I would like to install would allow me to control lighting, climate, whole-house music, etc. without breaking the bank.

Thank you for the input!

Re: Smart Home installations

I'd suggest starting at SmartHome.com, and looking into Structured Wiring. Decide what you want now in wiring, then add as much as you can afford, plus a bit more ;-)

The wiring isn't the most expensive part when you constantly upgrade components, but adding new wiring in the future is a PITA (unless you create PVC tubing runs in interior walls), so go with as much Structured Wire as you possibly can.

And make sure to put a Media Closet in your plans, where all the Structured Wire runs to. It's much easier to upgrade in the future if you have a central spot with all the Smart Home systems (go ahead and spend the money on one or more Racks to hold components) installed, than trying to deal with upgrades in multiple areas.

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%22Structured+wiring%22&btnG=Google+Search should also give you some good background on the wiring. Be sure to get wire bundles that have fiber optic - even if you don't use it now, you will in the future, I can guarantee it.

Re: Smart Home installations


Thanks for the advice. I will check those links.


Re: Smart Home installations

I have purchased several items from Smart Home and have been very pleased with quality of product and customer service. When thinking of your Media cabinet, think ventilation. Audio amplifiers and cable converter boxes get hot. Not to mention your media server, when you get to that point.

Re: Smart Home installations

Aloha tommichaels,
I have used http://www.toolbase.org/many times for a lot of installs in existing and new housing projects. The site gives me ton of ideas for projects.

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