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small toilet

I need to replace a toilet with a smaller variety in a half bath. The house was built in 1940 so I can explore many options. I am limited with the depth of the unit (the bath is only 33" wide by 54" long). I would prefer a two piece setup and do not have any wall space immediately behind the unit or on one side to hang an antique tank setup. I also do not want to spend mega bucks. The ones I am seeing start at about 26"/27" from the back of the tank to the front of the bowl. Any suggestions?

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Re: small toilet

Have you looked for a retro style toilet where the tank is near the ceiling? I know they make technically modern versions of these.

I've also seen the tankless, industrial style in homes before.

Re: small toilet

Manufacturers have books that they send to stores and suppliers that have all the toilets they make. They show all the specs you need to fit the toilet in the space required. You need to go to a good building supply, not necessarily the Big Box. You will most likely have to special order the toilet but you should be able to find one that will both fit and look good as well.

Re: small toilet

You might check for a RV flush toilet at an RV dealer. TheRv industry seems to take space savings to the limit.

Re: small toilet

Jack, that's a great quote.

what do you think about a toilet like this?

i tried to google a good picture, this was the best I can find. They make beautiful, compact toilets now that don't even touch the floor....

saves a lot of space
i can see how an individual of rather large girth could find them worrisome, however

Fishfool @ The Reef Tank

Re: small toilet

It would have been nice if you had included a link to the manufacturer.

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