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Small holes in lawn

This past week I found a number (15-20) of small, shallow holes in my lawn. It looked like some creature had just pulled the grass out by the roots. The grass was spread around the holes, which barely broke the surface of the dirt. Perhaps something was looking for bugs. I don't think it was a mole, as it didn't really dig any of the dirt out, just cleared a small, round circle about two inches across. We have racoons and skunks in the area, but that's all I know of. The yard is fenced, but a small flexible animal can get in. Any idea what the heck is doing this? I've never seen anything like it before. Thanks.

Re: Small holes in lawn

Time to pull out the security camera and wait...

That's what the do on Nat Geo Wild.

A. Spruce
Re: Small holes in lawn

It is probably squirrels burying nuts. Dig just below the surface and see what you find.

Re: Small holes in lawn

Squirrels for sure, I have same ... you cant really do anything. Lowes has some chemicals to deter rodents, but it either smell like hell or doesnt work. I was using garlic water for a while (minced garlic diluted with water), but you have to be consistent because it wears off

Re: Small holes in lawn

Not squirrels, it's racoons digging for grubs. Have the same here.


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